I have always been incredibly passionate about good food. Wether that be a fine dining restaurant, or eating food at the side of a street in southeast Asia. So long as there’s passion involved I generally like it.

I’ve been very lucky to try food from all around the world via my travels as a musician. I find looking back at my travels, food is often the highlight. Food is always a fantastic way to explore the culture and really get know a nation.

A common question, what’s been your favourite meal? Well, that’s a very hard one to answer, and I have many favourite meals. A couple stick out.

I was playing in the north of Denmark, just on the outskirts of Aalborg, and we were staying with the promoters of the event. Turns out they were keen hunters, and had been out a few weeks prior and acquired a Deer. They then cooked a huge venison stew for the whole band. The flavour, taste, and soul put into this dish shall never be forgotten.

Another fantastic experience was while I was visiting Thailand. Thailand is a massive melting pot for food, and especially for spice fanatics like myself. I remember being at a market in Bangkok, sat on a plastic chair, sampling everything on offer. A lot of things that I still don’t know to this day what they actually were, some very ‘different’ meat let’s say. That is my sort of eating!

I personally enjoy making big stew type dishes. Wether that be inspired by eastern Europe, southeast Asia, New Orleans, or even Britain. So that’s what I’m doing a Jack’s Place! Imagine you’re in New Orleans, there’s a huge pot of Jambalya on the hob, jazz music in the background, the sun is shining.. that’s what I’m recreating here in Alsager! I love mixing flavours and tastes you wouldn’t always think that worked. I’m a improviser, improvising is fun in music and food alike.

I’ll be adding more dishes to the menu as I go along, and bringing back some of your favourites from the past week. I also hope to add different types of food at some point. A real charcoal BBQ might be on the cards!

Watch this space!

*Jack has all the relevant food safety certificates. If you would like to see them don’t hesitate to contact*

"Food was soooo good! 10/10!"

"Very tasty, we absolutely loved it"

"Holy s**t you can cook, both me and my Mum loved it"

"I honestly can't believe how tasty the food was tonight"

"The best food I've tasted all year!"