I have been a professional musician, jazz drummer to be precise, for the past 14 years. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have been able to make a living out of music, and it’s given me the most wonderful experiences. In the last year or so I had been promoting my own events locally, and was in the planning to expand that across the whole of the UK and beyond. I had never considered doing anything else as a career. However, when covid-19 struck in the middle of March, things certainly changed.

As soon as I saw the demise of the live music scene I applied for a job working for amazon delivering, turns out they are desperate for drivers and employ anyone. I spent two months working for them, but for many reasons I wasn’t happy there. Throughout my time at amazon I was constantly thinking of new ways to work for myself again (I realised that I’m not great at having a boss!). This is when I thought of Jack’s Place.

I have always been extremely passionate about food. I have been lucky to have experienced some wonderful food across the world via my life as a musician, and the travelling I love to do in my spare time. I absolutely love being out on the road, jumping from one hotel to another, but the one thing I have always missed when I’m away for long periods is cooking! It’s always the first thing I do when I get home, cook a great big home cooked meal.

It has always been one of my dreams to open a restaurant/music venue/bar called ‘Jack’s Place’. I had always imagined it to be a little cellar/underground venue, dark and dingy, in a city somewhere. Welcoming everyone from all walks of life. A real bustling hub of debauchery. Turns out Jack’s Place was going to be a far cry from this. With all the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, I was very limited to how I could set up my new idea. However, a pop up stall operating from the front of my house ticks all the boxes.

I like the idea of recreating a street food stall/back garden of a New Orleans house. Family friendly. Happy. Fun. Something for everyone, and everyone is welcome!

I really can not wait to get back to my first love, music. This doesn’t mean Jack’s Place is a temporary thing though. I hope when possible I can incorporate my food into my events. What’s better than live music and food with soul? Then even expend my idea into my dream of having my own venue with food.

I’d just like to say a huge thank you to all of you who have supported me in my new venture, it’s very much appreciated. If you haven’t been down yet, come down and grab some food. Join me on exploring new flavours and dishes from around the world!

Stay safe,



'Musician turned cook'